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Keepers, not Owners

Chronicles 29:14

“…For all things come from You, and of Your own we have given you”.

Have you ever wondered, where do all the oxygen, sunshine and rain come from, of where is the snow kept during summer? How did the plants grow? Have you ever stopped to give thanks to God for all that you own right now? The reason is simple. We need to thanks Him because all things come from Him. He is the source of everything; the clothes that we wear, the supper that we have and everything else. King David reminded us that it was out of His own that we have given Him. Today, as we learn to pay our tithes and bring our offerings to Him, let us be mindful that we are only stewards. We are merely giving back to God what belongs to Him in the first place. Now, this is a very important principle that we must lean in order that we can lead a successful and prosperous life – that only if God can bring money thought us, will He bring money to us. So, learn to give and learn to sow for in due season you shall reap. No farmer can reap a mighty harvest before sowing. Hence, you too will now receive His blessings unless you have first given freely and willingly unto His kingdom. If you obediently observe this law, His blessings will chase after you. Sit tight, my friends! We are only keepers, not owners of His properties.


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